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Sunday, October 5, 2008

New pattern published

This pattern is going to look very similar to the picture at the top of my blog. And for good reason...

The watch band below is one that I designed in response to a challenge made to create a watch band that was adjustable. I started with the bead crochet tube, and then used some techniques to add wire to the ends of the tube. When I was done with the bracelet, I donated the watch and the band to charity.

That was years ago. I had always intended to write up the pattern. However, other bead ideas flooded into my brain and I never got around to writing up the pattern. With one of my customers asking for the watchband, I finally put the instructions onto paper.

designer jewelry-watch band

This week, I published the pattern for this piece on my website. I am currently experimenting with different colors of seed pearls and Myuki drops.
I am always fascinated by the way the different colors make a piece so distinct from another based upon the same size beads. and then of course, I experiment with different size beads. For instance, I made the same type of band using white pearls just a little bit larger and got this result:

designer jewelry-watch band with larger pearls

The difference is subtle, but the first watchband in the top picture looks more blue than the band in the bottom picture which looks more white. Because the white pearls are a little bit larger, they stand out more in the watchband,
and of course, the band is just a little bit thicker around the wrist.

Gail H. Devoid, Ph.D

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