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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Latest Plaid Bead Crochet Pattern Published

The McFarland Plaid
designed by Gail Devoid

This pattern will be released this weekend. This is an advanced design and not for those just beginning with bead crochet. The pattern is based upon the McFarland clan plaid itself, and was designed from a scrap of a hankerchief.

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The Jewelry Connection with Host, Mona Hair and Co-Host Gail Devoid

3 pm EST, 2 pm CST.1 pm MST, Noon PST

In Europe: 9 PM, except for the UK where show time is 8 PM

November 15, 2009

A Holiday in Jewels - A Collaborative Jewelry Show

Mona and Gail will have a wonderful display of submitted pieces to show and discuss. This week, Mona returns to the permanent broadcast room (The Jewelry Connection) which has undergone an overhaul by LiveVideo. Stop by and see what is going on! No user id is required to watch and listen to the show. Check out the listener base that comes from over THREE DOZEN countries.


SKYPE Mona77401 or call Mona at 1-832-397-6317

You may also join the show via Skype or this phone number during the show if you want to talk to Mona and Gail.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Copper Chain Maille Bracelet

March 28, 2009 - Although it took a few weeks, I prepared copper jump rings for my next creation. When the wound spring of copper was cut, I noticed that several burrs were created. I had to spend a lot of time tumbling the rings, using a cup de-burrer, tumbling again, before I couldn't even begin to create the bracelet below. This is the standard Byzantine pattern, with a clasp easily made from the same copper wire.

Designer Jewelry-Chain Maille Bracelet

More rings are on the way. We are trying some new cutting techniques in an effort to avoid burrs. In the next piece, I hope to use some stone druks.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Chain Maille

I have been reading about chain maille and how to make it for a couple of years now. At the end of last year, I purchased a jump ring maker and at vibratory tumbler. I've made jump rings in silver and gold, tumbled them, and then started designing with chain mail. This is my first effort:

And here is the same bracelet laid out:

The chain maille in this bracelet is called Full Persian Chain Maille.

The next pattern that I tried was in silver and is called Box Chain Maille:

The art bead in this one is by Marj Bates, a bead artist from Massachusetts.

Finally, I did a necklace with twisted wire gold jump rings in the Byzantine chain maille pattern.

I finished the necklace with a lobster clasp. After making this necklace, my left wrist was sore for two days, but I don't care because I really enjoyed wearing this one! On Friday, January 30, 2009, I spoke at the New London Rotary Club about my manufacturing classification. I actually qualify for this classification three times: once for Labsphere, Inc., once for Tarnhelm Supply Co. Inc., and lastly, once for Need for Beads, Inc. My presentation was well received. I had a blast talking about all the things that we manufacture in these companies.

Next, I'm getting quotes on costs for different sizes of copper wire. I expect that I'll have a piece done in copper soon.

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