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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Chain Maille

I have been reading about chain maille and how to make it for a couple of years now. At the end of last year, I purchased a jump ring maker and at vibratory tumbler. I've made jump rings in silver and gold, tumbled them, and then started designing with chain mail. This is my first effort:

And here is the same bracelet laid out:

The chain maille in this bracelet is called Full Persian Chain Maille.

The next pattern that I tried was in silver and is called Box Chain Maille:

The art bead in this one is by Marj Bates, a bead artist from Massachusetts.

Finally, I did a necklace with twisted wire gold jump rings in the Byzantine chain maille pattern.

I finished the necklace with a lobster clasp. After making this necklace, my left wrist was sore for two days, but I don't care because I really enjoyed wearing this one! On Friday, January 30, 2009, I spoke at the New London Rotary Club about my manufacturing classification. I actually qualify for this classification three times: once for Labsphere, Inc., once for Tarnhelm Supply Co. Inc., and lastly, once for Need for Beads, Inc. My presentation was well received. I had a blast talking about all the things that we manufacture in these companies.

Next, I'm getting quotes on costs for different sizes of copper wire. I expect that I'll have a piece done in copper soon.

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Jean9 said...

Your jewelry pieces are gorgeous I look forward to coming back to see what you have made out of your copper wire.

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