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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Necklace - Bead & Button Show 2013

You saw the beginning idea for the necklace displayed by Cousin at Prima Bead's booth at the June 2013 Bead & Button Show. Now that the show is done, I can reveal the finished necklace, which took me 260 hours of stitching and beading to complete.

I had an April 1, 2013 deadline, but still had quite a bit of work to do. Cousin assured me that they would not be packing for the show for a few weeks, so I continued working. The picture below gives a good idea why things took so long!

Finished Necklace

Looking at this, you might think, "Looks awfully heavy!" and you would be correct. The way to make such a necklace comfortable to wear is to add a counterweight. By doing so, the necklace does not hang from your neck, but more rests on your shoulders. Here is a shot of the counterweight:

Yes, that looks heavy, too, but our shoulders are broad enough to bear the weight easily. I wore this to the Rotary Club of Concord's Changing of the Gavel, and it was very comfortable.

Finally, here's a shot of how it all came together in the back of the necklace:

Even though YOU can't see the back of a necklace, others can. I tried to make this as pretty as possible. I don't know how many occasions there will be for me to wear this, but it surely looks nice in the Need For Beads store. We had our Grand Opening in June.

The Cousin Creative Circle team members were at the Prima Booth at the Bead & Button Show, and we just had to take a group shot:

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